Our History

Over 100 Years of Serving

McDonald Companies has been around since 1882.  The company started as a lumber company, McDonald Lumber Company.  In the 1800’s, it was one of the leading manufacturing plants in Green Bay.  In 1895, the company sawed over 7,000,000 feet of lumber and was equipped with some of the most advanced technology of the time.

Of course, McDonald Companies did not stay in the lumber business forever.  Slowly, they evolved to focus on real estate.  Commercial real estate that is.  Over time, they built and bought commercial space and began to lease it out to different tenants.

But their evolution didn’t stop there.  The organization seized opportunities to expand their business offerings.  They acquired a marina (South Bay Marina) and offered waterfront recreation services as well as boat maintenance and repair.  Then, they branched out into providing logistics services to their tenants and acquired WSW (Wall Street Warehouse).  After that, they added warehouse operations services to their arsenal.  Lastly, they began to provide property services to support their real estate, as well as that of the community.  

Today, the organization owns millions of square feet of commercial real estate throughout the state and prides itself on providing customer-centered services.  

1032 Bay Beach Road
Green Bay, WI 54302