Building Business Around Others

McDonald Companies

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McDonald Companies: It's more than just a transaction

We believe business is more about the connection than merely the transaction.  


Family Owned and Operated Since 1882

We have a long history of working with tenants, development partners, and our community to build, shape, and support those we collectively serve.

McDonald Companies

McDonald Companies is the parent company of McDonald Lumber Company, McDonald Services, WSW (Wall Street Warehouse), and South Bay Marina.  We are proud to provide services across industries.

Building Business and the community

We take great pride in our community.  That’s why we pride ourselves on our community initiatives that improve the quality of life here in Greater Green Bay. 

For Generations - Four generations

Families are filled with stories--and when you add the fact that we're a family business that's been in Northeastern Wisconsin since 1882, the stories become, well, the things of lore.

Logging and lumber turned into home building, then buying land, then creating warehouses and services for tenants. For nearly 110 years, we've evolved to meet the needs of our Greater Green Bay community. Today, we focus on 1.) real estate development, 2.) tenant property management and logistics, and 3.) marina sales and services. We're headquartered along the Bay of Green Bay, where we played as children and where we feel most at home.

Our stories? Fires, tornados, up economies, down economies. Marriages, children, and business. Stop by and we'll share a few stores--some we can verify, and others, well, there may be such a thing as generational embellishment!

But these, regardless of generation, are our truths. Loyalty, relationships, and a strong work ethic. This is what allows us to continually develop opportunities for our tenants, our employees, and our community.

And more's to come--because our community depends on it.

Key areas of services

McDonald Companies focuses on three key areas of service for our partners in Northeastern Wisconsin:
-Real Estate Development
-Tenant Services: Property Management and Logistics
-Waterfront Recreation: Marina Sales and Service


Trust Us - You're in Good Hands

Whether it's helping a tenant move their inventory from one warehouse to another or helping our marina customers find the right boat for their family, The McDonald Way is, well, just good business.

Our Company reach is vast, but our mindset is defined. The McDonald Way is the right way--putting our customers, our tenants and our community front and center in all we do.

The Bay of Green Bay

As big fans of fishing and boating, we've invested in the water that surrounds us with South Bay Marina. Since opening the marina in 2002, we've increased the recreational opportunities on the water and see many more opportunities for the future of our community's waterfront enjoyment.

We want as many residents, of all ages and backgrounds, to enjoy the beauty and serenity of our waterway. That is why we partner with Green Bay Sail & Paddle, which engages hundreds of kids in sailing, kayaking, and paddle sports, and Hands On Deck, a mentoring program that gives youth a lift by building wooden boats.

We invite you to join us in celebrating and expanding the joy of the Bay of Green Bay.

1032 Bay Beach Road
Green Bay, WI 54302